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Success & Never Give Up

At What's Next Mentorship, we believe that every teenager has the ability to shape their own future.
Young men are faced everyday with the challenges and obstacles of what it takes to become a man. After being in the judicial system from age 12-18, Mentor Brien Johnson knows that reality all too well. Brien has gone on to win the “Beat The Odds Award” and was inducted into the Manassas Museum exhibit “Manassas Faces” for his leadership in the community in 2020.

Empowering teenagers to navigate their path to success is our mission at What’s Next Mentorship. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and mentorship to male teenagers aged 13-17, helping them discover their passions, set goals, and make informed decisions for a bright future.

Brien Johnson


”No one cares what you know, until they know that you care."

Our tailored mentorship programs offer a holistic approach to personal and academic development, equipping male teenagers with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to navigate their teenage years.

Through a combination of mentor-led sessions, interactive groups, and valuable resources, we empower male teenagers to unlock their full potential and confidently embark on their journey to success.